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Restricted Registration

Restricted registration is issued to vehicles which travel short distances for particular purposes such as:

  • towing a boat from a residence to the nearest boat ramp which can be up to 10 kms away
  • driving an off road vehicle in an area designated for that purpose
  • driving a farm vehicle across a public road, from one part of the farm property to another, with a maximum distance of 10 kms
  • recreational vehicles (all-terrain), 2 and 4 wheeled motor cycles for private use in approved recreation areas
  • golf buggies used on golf courses that are divided by a public street
  • vehicles used for infrequent transport associated with a factory, warehouse or mining site.

Restricted vehicles are recognised by a number plate prefix of RV ****, in red writing on a yellow background. The plates have two letters and four numbers.
Few of the vehicles require inspection.


Applications for registration should include:

  • where the vehicle is to be used (eg map)
  • what the vehicle is to be used for
  • frequency of trips
  • distance travelled.

The customer lodges the application and all supporting documentation. If the application is approved the customer will be advised immediately regarding the conditions and the required fees.

Concession and insurance

Vehicles with restricted registration do not pay any Motor Tax and have a reduced MAIB premium.


The registration of a vehicle with restricted registration can be transferred from person to person only if the same conditions apply. If the conditions are not the same a new conditional registration must be issued.

You will need to provide

You will need to undertake the following in person at Service Tasmania shops:

  • complete an application form (MR127)
  • provide, if necessary, a map of the area in which the vehicle is to be used (hand drawn is acceptable)
  • provide their current Tasmanian photo licence or Full Evidence of Identity
  • provide Proof of Entitlement to register the vehicle
  • any existing plates.

You will receive

  • Certificate of Registration
  • RV plate with red writing on yellow background with four letters
  • Certificate of Approved Operations (must be carried in the vehicle at all times).


You will need to pay the fee.