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Special Purpose

Special purpose vehicles are constructed primarily for:

  • lifting
  • moving
  • compressing
  • rolling or laying material
  • or the manufacturing or processing of goods.

Requirements for special purpose vehicles:

  • have a primary function not related to the carriage of goods
  • travel between sites for the purpose of carrying out specialised work at the sites.

Examples are motorised cranes and cherry pickers (elevated platform vehicle).


Special purpose vehicles are recognised by a number plate prefix of WV ****, in red writing on a yellow background. Exception: Fire trucks, which are issued with standard or custom plates.

Work Vehicles 4.5t GVM or less

Vehicles equal to or less than 4.5t do not qualify as a special purpose vehicle. These are to be registered as a normal registration.

You will need to provide

Make a booking for an inspection to assess suitability for special purpose / work vehicle registration through:

Then firstly attend the inspection with the vehicle and then undertake the following through Service Tasmania shops:

  • complete the appropriate application form
  • complete a statutory Declaration form (MR162) that details the purpose/s for which the vehicle will be used
  • provide Proof of Entitlement
  • provide their current Tasmanian photo licence or Full Proof of Identity
  • provide the Heavy Vehicle Classification Report.

You will receive

  • Certificate of Registration
  • WV plate/s - red and yellow.


You will need to pay the fee.