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Rebates and Concessions

You can get a discount on your registration or licence if you present evidence of being entitled to a concession. To be entitled to a concession you must have a current:

  • Pension Card (issued under the Social Security Act 1991) and be the primary card holder; or
  • Veteran's Gold or White card (Issued under the Veterans' Act 1986) and be the primary card holder; or
  • Health Care Card issued under one of the above Acts and be the primary card holder; or
  • Evidence of Immigration (EIS) ImmiCard (issued to people on a Bridging E Visa under the Migration Act 1958); or
  • Tasmanian Concession Card (issued to people in community detention by the Department of Premier and Cabinet)
  • Be a member of the Transport Access Scheme (TAS) (PDF 159KB) or;
  • Be a Farmer (if not in receipt of any of the above you will only receive the Farmers Rebate)

How much money do I save on my registration?

For information on the savings you receive see Fees.

Additional Saving

If you are a TAS member or on a Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (Veteran's, TPI) pension, you will not pay motor tax or duty on one vehicle registered in your name. (Vehicle must be in a single name if TPI pensioner).

Operators of commercial goods vehicles (Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) cannot exceed 4.5 tonnes) who is a concession holder and the vehicle is not being used for business or trade purposes, can get an additional 40% saving on Motor Tax.

Farmers (even if not a concession holder) can get a 40% reduction in Motor Tax on commercial goods vehicles used for agricultural purposes. A Statutory Declaration (MR166) is required for the first application.  After the initial application, the rebate will be recorded permanently and ongoing renewal fees will be automatically reduced. If the vehicle has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) greater than 16 tonnes (over 4.5 tonnes for a trailer), it must display concessional registration plates. These can be purchased at a Service Tasmania shop and the old plates must be handed in.

For more information on registration rebates and concessions see Vehicle Registration Rebates and Exemptions.

Can I get a discount on all my vehicles?

No. You can only receive a discount on one of each of the following vehicles: a car, trailer, motorcycle or caravan. The registration cost on any Heavy or additional vehicles in your name will not be discounted unless discount is based on use, see other rebates below.

There is no limit on the number of vehicles a Farmers Rebate can be applied to for the same registered operator.

How much money do I save on my licence?

Discounts on Full and Provisional licences are available, for information on the savings you receive see Fees.

Additional savings

All Drivers over 65 only pay the photo fee when renewing or replacing their licence.

How do I claim a concession?

Complete a MR164 Application for Pension/Health Care Card Concession and present the completed form and your current card at any Service Tasmania Shop. You will remain entitled to a concession until you or Centrelink advise us your circumstances have changed.

If you are also applying for the Commercial Goods Vehicle Rebate (MR163), you need to complete the form when the vehicle registration is established and renewed #.

If you are applying for the Farmers Rebate (MR166), you need to complete the form (see below) on initial application only.  After the initial application, the rebate will be recorded permanently and reduced renewal fees will automatically calculate there after #.

If your entitlement to the Farmers Rebate ceases you must notify the Registrar in writing by way of Statutory Declaration within 14 days.

#You will need to attend a Service Tasmania shop to claim the concession. If you want to use our on-line payment options you need to pay the full price and then complete the statutory declaration and apply for a refund.

Are there any other discounts (Rebates/Exemptions) available?

There are various exemptions based on vehicle construction or use:

There are also rebates on Duty Rates when transferring Registration see Duty Exemptions.