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Vehicles Exempt From Registration

Certain vehicles do not require registration to be driven on public streets in Tasmania. This exemption applies to the following vehicles:

  • exempt by vehicle and traffic legislation when used on a public street
  • not used on a public street
  • when a trade plate is attached
  • using a short term unregistered vehicle permit
  • driven directly across a public street from property on one side of the public street to property on the other side of the public street
  • travel 10 km/h or less eg wheelchairs 'MAIB Premium not required'

In some situations an appropriate driver licence is still required.

Exempt under vehicle and traffic legislation

The following vehicles are exempt from the registration:

  • an agricultural implement towed by another vehicle 'MAIB Premium not required'
  • a trailer towed by an agricultural machine operating as an agricultural machine 'MAIB Premium not required'
  • a vehicle under tow by a registered tow truck operating as a tow truck
  • road construction plant owned by a council being defined as
    • an earth moving machine
    • a machine for compacting earth or road construction materials
    • a machine for laying or profiling road construction materials
    • used for the construction, maintenance or repair of roads.

Driving vehicle to and from a place of registration

Being driven or towed, for the purpose of registration, by the most direct or convenient route to:

  • a place where vehicles are registered
  • a vehicle inspection station
  • a weigh bridge
  • another place directly associated with the registration process (including a place of payment for registration)
  • the vehicle is proceeding from these places by the most direct or convenient route to:
  • another of these places
  • a place where the vehicle could conveniently be garaged or kept
  • a convenient place of repair after failing to pass inspection.

Note: the onus of proving that an exemption was applicable at the time of the alleged offence lies with the person alleged to have committed the offence.

Statutory exemption for interstate and foreign vehicles

  • A registered interstate and foreign vehicle visiting Tasmania where the operator does not have a Tasmanian residential address is exempt from the requirement to transfer the vehicle registration. 'MAIB Premium not required'
  • A Vehicle being used for a commercial purpose is required to transfer to Tasmanian registration after 3 months.

A Caravan or Trailer brought into Tasmania and drawn by a registered interstate motor vehicle ( provided the caravan or trailer does not require registration in the state or territory from which it came) 'MAIB premium not required'.

MAIB Personal insurance coverage

An MAIB compulsary third party premium is payable when a vehicle is used on a public street. The requirement applies in all instances except where there is a notation 'MAIB Premium not required'.