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The incentive is being offered on a first-in basis and will be available for the first 500 eligible vehicles or until 1 February 2021, whichever comes first. Should your application be successful, the Class 8 (hire and drive vehicle) premium will be applied to the vehicle registration effective from the approval date, for remainder of the registration term (maximum term, 12 months).

Eligibility criteria

  1. Be an accredited Hire and Drive operator or a member of Car Next Door platform, and
  2. The vehicle is currently registered with a non-commercial premium, (a vehicle currently or previously registered as a Hire and drive vehicle is not eligible), and
  3. Undertaken and 'passed' a public passenger vehicle (PPV) inspection within the last 30 days (excluding vehicles aged less than 3 years).

How to apply

Please read the criteria, complete the application form, include any attachments and email to