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Offensive advertising

Hire and Drive vehicles

The Government has recently introduced legislation to support the removal of offensive slogans and advertising being displayed on hire and drive vehicle registered in Tasmania.

The Registrar of Motor Vehicles (RMV) will now be able to cancel the registration of hire and drive vehicles bearing advertising or slogans that the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau has found to be offensive to the public by breaching the Advertising Code of Ethics.  

If you find a slogan or advertising offensive, you can make a complaint to the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau.

For further information about this and how to make a complaint visit the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau website.

For information about the supporting legislation, visit The Tasmanian Legislation.

Questions and Answers – Offensive Advertising

What vehicles does this legislation apply to?

This legislation applies to hire and drive vehicles. These are motor vehicles hired out without a driver for the primary purpose of carrying passengers (MAIB class 8 vehicles*).  This includes vehicles hired out to the public by hire car companies and hire campervan companies.

* Excludes trailers, caravans and vehicles used for carrying goods.

How do I make a complaint about a vehicle?

If you see a hire and drive vehicle with advertising/slogan that you find offensive, you can lodge a complaint with the Australian Advertising Standards Board.

For information on the process visit –

What happens after I’ve made a complaint about a vehicle?

The Australian Advertising Standards Board will investigate* and decide if the advertising or slogans on the vehicle are offensive. If the Board determines it is offensive and the advertiser has not complied with a notice to remove or modify the language, the Board will then inform the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

*It may take two to three months for an advertising/slogan to be found offensive and the registration of the hire and drive vehicle cancelled.

How does the Registrar of Motor Vehicles  cancel the registration?

The Registrar will serve a cancellation notice on the registered operator of the hire and drive vehicle.  The registered operator has 14 days to remove or modify the offensive advertising.  If this is not undertaken the vehicle’s registration is cancelled.

When can I re-register the vehicle if the registration has been cancelled?

The RMV will only re register the vehicle on advice from the Australian Advertising Standards Board confirming that the offensive advertising/slogan has been removed or modified.

The vehicle may have to be reinspected for road worthiness if the cancellation period has been for more than three months. This cost is paid by the operator of the vehicle.

Can a person who hired a vehicle, potentially be driving an unregistered vehicle if the Registrar cancels it on the advice of the Board?

Yes, there is a potential that a person who hired a vehicle whose registration has been cancelled.

The hire and drive operator is given 14 days’ notice of the proposed cancellation, allowing sufficient time to provide an alternative vehicle, removing the risk of someone driving an unregistered vehicle.

If you are concerned about the registration status of the vehicle it can be checked using the Department’s Online Registration Check