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Proof of entitlement

Evidence is required by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles that a customer is entitled to become the registered operator of a vehicle. The documents required vary depending on:

  • the type of vehicle
  • the general circumstances
  • the person who is registering the vehicle.

See also Proof of Identity - Other Situations & Information.

When required

Evidence of entitlement to become the registered operator of a vehicle is necessary when a vehicle is being:

  • registered for the first time
  • re-registered in the name of a different registered operator
  • transferred into the name of a new registered operator, and notification has not been received from the previous registered operator - evidence is not mandatory on transfer as the previous registered operator will be notified that the Registrar of Motor Vehicles intends to change the registered operator
  • transferred from interstate.

Requirements for the registration of vehicles sold at auction

Operator-built vehicles

If a customer has built a vehicle, they must provide receipts for the major components, i.e. the chassis and engine, and a declaration stating how they came to be the operator of the vehicle. If the vehicle was built from a kit, a receipt from the seller of the kit will also help. If a customer has built a trailer they need only sign the declaration on the Application for Registration.

Motor vehicle dealers

New motor vehicle dealers who register a vehicle under the type approval system are not required to provide proof of entitlement to register new vehicles. The majority of these dealers are members of the Dealer Registration Scheme.

Rebuilt vehicles

If a person has rebuilt a vehicle that has had a wrecked status, then the following documentation is required before the wrecked status can be removed and the vehicle re-registered:

In cases where an inspection report has been provided because an AIS has inspected the vehicle and approved it without knowing it had been a wreck, the vehicle should not be registered until the letter from an approved body builder has also been obtained.

Acceptable documents

To register a vehicle, a person must provide evidence that identifies the previous registered operator. The following documents are acceptable:

  • current certificate of registration or a disposal notice signed by the last registered operator
  • signed bill of sale from a dealer that clearly indicates that full responsibility for the vehicle has changed to the new operator
  • signed receipt from a dealer that clearly indicates that full responsibility for the vehicle has changed to the new operator
  • signed invoice from the previous registered operator
  • written advice from the legal owner - this is often the case when the legal owner is a finance company and does not change, but the registered operator leasing the vehicle does change
  • copy of a will, or a letter from a solicitor, Public Trustee or executor of the estate showing that the vehicle has been bequeathed to the client
  • order from the Family Law Court that specifies the vehicle and the new operator
  • for a repossessed vehicle, authority from the registered operator to the finance company - a letter from State Revenue for an exemption of Stamp Duty may also be required
  • for a vehicle registered in another jurisdiction, the registration papers from that jurisdiction
  • where there is any doubt about the validity of documentation then the Motor Registry System must be checked to identify the current registered operator. The Registrar of Motor Vehicles will then write to that operator explaining the proposed change, giving them 14 days in which to lodge an objection if they wish.