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Requests for information

A range of people and organisations request information from the Motor Vehicle Registry for various reasons including:

  • vehicle accidents
  • checking licence details
  • checking the registration status of vehicles.

Only requests within the following guidelines will be allowed. A fee may apply. When a customer requests information about another person or organisation, the request may be subject to the Right to Information Act.

Providing information to people outside the Registration and Licensing Branch

Personal details regarding registration and licensing information can be given to people outside Registration and Licensing Services only in the following circumstances.

  • With the written permission of the customer concerned.
  • To a customer who is actually involved in a motor vehicle accident (witnesses cannot apply) and who needs to identify another party to the accident. Customers are required to supply a copy of the Police Accident Report or letter from the insurance company.
  • To lawyers who provide a signed authority from their customer for the release of information relating to that customer, and who give an undertaking that the information will be used only in conjunction with their customer for the commencement or undertaking of legal proceedings.
  • To law enforcement agencies or other government agencies who have authority to request and receive information.
  • To other registration and licensing authorities.
  • To employers of professional drivers of heavy vehicles and employees employed to drive or operate heavy vehicles, who have written authority from an employee to check the employee licence status only.

Requests for personal information

Customers can check personal details contained in the Motor Registry System. The information can be given orally or in writing provided a current Tasmanian photo licence or Evidence of Identity is provided. If the information is to be provided in writing a fee is payable. This includes demerit point queries.

Requests for information about another person or confirmation of information

Personal information about a customer cannot be provided to anyone other than the customer themselves. Staff of Service Tasmania and Registration and Licensing Services can confirm on a "yes or no" basis the registered operator of a vehicle, however, no address information is to be released in any circumstance. No licence details for another person to be confirmed.

Phone requests

When customers phone to check details from their own record (for example the expiry date of their licence or the number of current demerit points).

If there is any doubt, the customer will be asked to come in to a Service Tasmania shop and provide a current Tasmanian photo licence or Full Proof of Identity.

Mail requests

If a customer writes in requesting information and the address given is the same as the address in the register, then no proof of identity is required. If there is any doubt, then customers will be asked to come in to a Service Tasmania shop and provide a current Tasmanian photo licence or Full Proof of Identity.

Personal attendance

A current Tasmanian photo licence or Full Evidence of Identity is required before personal details are provided. (E.g. provision of the expiry date of a licence or the number of current demerit points.)

This is particularly important if details of convictions, demerit points or the licence number are requested. A fee is payable for this information except in the case of a demerit point or motor vehicle security search.

Vehicle security enquiries

For enquiries about securities contact the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). The Department of State Growth no longer manage motor vehicle securities, and information has been be migrated to the PPSR.

The PPSR provides information on whether vehicles have money owing on them to credit providers. For more information about the issuing, cancelling and checking securities visit Personal Property Securities Register or contact the PPSR on

Phone: 1300 007 777 (1300 00PPSR)
Mail: Personal Property Securities Branch
Attorney-General's Department
3-5 National Circuit, BARTON ACT 2600

Lawyers and insurance companies

Information can be made available provided the request is in writing, on their firm's letterhead, and with a signed authority from their customer.  Information released can only be used in relation to the commencement or undertaking of legal proceedings.

If the request is made by a customer (and they produce the necessary documentation from the lawyer or insurance company) the information must be sent directly to the lawyer or insurance company rather than be given to the customer.

Employer requests for occasional information

Employers of may request occasional licence status of employees up to four times in a 12 month period. The employee must have completed an Employee Application Form that is current.

Each application for information by an employer must be on the prescribed Employer Application Form. The form must be forwarded to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles for a reply.

The employer will be advised if a listed employee has had their licence suspended, cancelled or expired. A search fee will apply for each individual search.

Customer provides

The customer needs to undertake the following through Service Tasmania shops

  • completed Release of Information application if applicable
  • provide their current Tasmanian photo licence or Full Evidence of Identity
  • Sheriff's Office letter if applicable
  • Insurance letter if applicable
  • Police accident report if applicable.

Customer receives

  • receipt for any payment
  • search certificate if applicable
  • information if available.


The customer needs to pay the registration or licence search fee if applicable.

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