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Number Plate Replacements & Duplicates

Information on how to replace or duplicate lost, stolen or damaged (destroyed) number plates. Includes plates for bike racks. This section applies to:

  • a certificate of registration
  • a number plate
  • a trade plate
  • any other plate or device issued by the Registrar of Motor vehicles.

Lost, stolen or damaged (destroyed)

A duplicate of any of the above items can be obtained by application at a Service Tasmania shop.

Duplicates of existing plates

You may apply for a duplicate set of your existing plates.  Additional fees apply see Duplicate Plate Fee

NOTE:  Bi-centennial duplicate plates are no longer available.


Replacements for any of the items listed above may be issued to correct errors or for changed circumstances.

You will need to provide

The following will need to be done person at a Service Tasmania Shop.

Replacements and duplicates

  • complete appropriate form
  • provide your current certificate of registration if available
  • provide your current Tasmanian photo licence or Full Evidence of Identity
  • surrender any remaining plates (not for duplicate plates) if available
  • provide a statutory declaration to account for lost or stolen plates
  • provide authorisation from the registered operator if you are not the registered operator

You will receive

  • receipt for fees paid
  • receipt for any plates surrendered
  • PLUS

Replacement plates

  • new number plates

Duplicate plates

  • duplicate plates are required to be manufactured and customer will be notified by mail to arrange pickup from the Service Tasmania Shop where the plates were ordered.

    Bike plates will be sent directly to applicant.

Replacement certificates

  • certificate of registration


You will need to pay:

  • the appropriate fee
  • the fee if the original plates are retained.

If you are applying for replacement plates at the same time as renewing registration, the fee is reduced by the registration certificate fee.