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Slimline Plates

For Standard Issue Plates

Slimline plates are narrower style plates mainly designed for vehicles where the front of the vehicle doesn't easily accommodate a standard size plate.

Slimline plates are attached to the front of the vehicle with a standard size size plate on the rear. Note: Slimline plates (Front and rear) are only available with personalised plates under the Tasplates scheme.


Slimline plates are manufactured as a combination of one slimline (370mm x 100mm) and one standard size (370mm x 130mm) plate. Plates will be available in the standard "Tiger" plate format - blue on white and will have "TAS" vertically on the left hand side of the plates.

Please note

  • You will be required to return the original plates prior to being issued with the new plates. If one or either of the original plates cannot be returned due to being lost or stolen then a Statutory Declaration form (MR162) to account for the lost or stolen plates is required to be filled out.
  • Slimline plates cannot be transferred between vehicles unless they are Custom, Selected, Corporate or Personalised plates.
  • Slimline plates are not available for Heavy Vehicles, Motorcycles or Trailers.
  • To Order Personalised slimline plates please visit the TASPLATES website or call their call centre on 1300 787 060.

You will need to provide