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Personalised Plates - TasPlates

Personalised plates are available to either attach to your vehicle or for display purposes.

There is a one off fee for these plates and there is no annual renewal fee. You can order and pay for a personalised plate by:

  • Reserving a plate online at: or
  • Calling the TasPlates call centre on 1300 787 060.

If you do not pay for your Personalised Plates at the time of reservation you have 24 hours (excluding public holidays or weekends) to pay at any Service Tasmania shop. If the plate has not been paid for in this time frame you will need to re-reserve the plate again.

When the Personalised Plates has been manufactured they will be sent directly to you. If you are not at home the plates will be delivered to the nearest post office for collection. If you have indicated that the plates are to be attached to a vehicle you will have two options for returning your existing registration plates either to Tasplates in the addressed envelope provided or to a Service Tasmania shop.

If one or both personalised plates are lost, stolen or damaged and you would like a duplicate set you will need to call the TasPlates call centre on 1300 787 060.

If you have sold your Personalised Plates to another person you must complete a Transfer Right to Display form, please call TasPlates call centre to get a copy of this form.  Once completed please give this form to the buyer.

If you decide to hand in your number plates you may surrender them at any Service Tasmania shop.

If you have an existing set of Custom or Selected Plates and you are paying an annual fee you can choose to buy out your plate or upgrade to a new plate (at a reduced cost).

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