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Common Expiry Date

Customers can have the registration of vehicles expiring on the same day (common expiry date) provided they are a registered operator with 4 or more vehicles registered in the same name and are a company (must supply an ACN) or an incorporated Association. Common expiry is not available to motor vehicle dealers, businesses or individuals.

Common expiry dates

Common expiry dates can be any day of any month (except Feb 29). Renewal notices and invoices will be sent to cover all vehicles in the one payment.

First year registration

Pro-rata fees to renew the registration of individual vehicles from the existing expiry date up to the chosen day and month of expiry will be payable throughout the year. This will occur until all vehicles have been renewed up to the chosen common expiry date and from that point on, all vehicles will be renewed at the same time.

Customer provides

The customer needs to undertake the following through Registration & Licensing Services

  • Letter requesting a common expiry date.

Customer receives

The customer will receive an invoice to renew all vehicles (depends on the number of vehicles).


The customer needs to pay the fee (pro-rata fees to renew the registration of all the vehicles up to the chosen day and month of expiry).