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Abolition of Registration Labels - Heavy Vehicles FAQs

The issuing of registration labels for light vehicles was abolished in 2012. Registration labels for heavy vehicle will be ceased from September 2017.


Questions and Answers - Removal of Heavy Vehicle Registration Labels

Why haven’t I been issued a registration label?

Changes to legislation mean that from 1 September 2017, heavy vehicle operators will no longer be issued with or need to display a registration label on their vehicle.

Why the Change

In late 2016 the Commonwealth established a Heavy Vehicle Strategy Group to consider matters pursuant to achieving consistent heavy vehicle regulatory reform. This group comprises representatives from the Commonwealth, State and Territory transport authorities, The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), the National Transport Commission (NTC) and the heavy vehicle industry.

All states and territories have agreed to the removal of registration labels from heavy vehicles, across Australia by July 2018.  Western Australia has already abolished heavy vehicle registration labels (July 2016).

It is expected that there will be cost and productivity savings for industry as a result of no longer needing to attach labels to vehicles. This will be particularly the case for larger fleet operators who currently have to manage logistical issues associated with regularly replacing registration labels.

Do I still need to register my vehicle?

Yes, you do need to register your vehicle.

Registration must be paid before midnight on the expiry date or your vehicle will be unregistered. If you drive, park or stand an unregistered vehicle on a public street you will be committing an offence and may not be covered by compulsory third party insurance (MAIB).

How can I check whether a vehicle is registered or when my renewal is due?

Quick and easy checks on a vehicle's registration expiry date and the heavy vehicle charging category/configuration can be made:

  • online using our Registration Check; or                                                                        
  • through Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513 or international +61 3 6169 9017 (business hours/Monday to Friday)

Note: It is particularly important to check the registration if you are driving someone else's vehicle or if you are in doubt as to whether the vehicle is registered. You may also check whether the registered operator of the vehicle keeps a copy of the registration receipt in the vehicle.

If you think a vehicle may not be registered, you should not drive it. It is an offence to drive, park or stand an unregistered vehicle on a public street.

My registration label came off.  Can I get a replacement label before 1 September 2017?

Yes.  You will still be able to purchase a replacement label before 1 September 2017.

Do I have to remove my label or can I wait until my registration is due for renewal?

You can remove the label on or after 1 September 2017, or you can wait until the registration is due for renewal.

Do I have to keep the tear off section in my vehicle?

No. There is no legal requirement to carry the tear off section in your vehicle.  It is just provided as a reminder of your registration expiry date, for you and for others that might drive your vehicle.  However, if travelling interstate it may be beneficial to carry proof of registration in the vehicle.

I’m travelling interstate. How will interstate authorities know if my vehicle is registered?

When travelling interstate make sure you carry current registration documents in your vehicle to produce to authorities when required. This includes documents for any other vehicles (e.g. trailers) in the heavy vehicle combination.

What happens when I buy or sell a vehicle?

When selling a vehicle, you are required to provide the registration certificate to the buyer. The back of the registration certificate contains a notice of disposal and transfer application. The seller should fill out the notice of disposal and return it to Service Tasmania.  Replacement certificates are available upon payment of the applicable fee from Service Tasmania.

When buying a vehicle, make sure you fill in the transfer application on the back of the registration details certificate and return the form along with the applicable transfer fees to a Service Tasmania shop or complete it online.

How can I pay my registration?

A variety of payment options are available including:



Direct Debit


Service Tasmania

Australia Post

You should write your receipt number on your Certificate of Registration for your records.

Heavy Vehicle Registration Labels