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Unregistered Vehicle Permit (short term)

What is a short term or unregistered permit?

An Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) allows you to drive an unregistered vehicle. It is not registration. Your vehicle must be in roadworthy condition.

When can a permit be issued?

Relocation - moving an unregistered vehicle (car, trailer, caravan etc.) from one location to another; or
Repair - moving an unregistered vehicle to a place of repair; or
Approved events - for example Rallies, Christmas Pageants etc. These events may require approval by the Registration and Licensing Branch. Note: The annual Toy Run and Targa are approved events. Includes Segway Commercial Tours - further conditions apply.

When will a permit not be issued for a particular vehicle or event?

  • the registration is under suspension
  • the vehicle is registered (including vintage restricted registration)
  • the vehicle is written off (either Statutory or Repairable)
  • has been modified without approval documentation
  • has a major or minor defect (not road worthy) *
  • is being used for test run/trial
  • is to be used for commercial purposes e.g. hire or reward
  • is non Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliant and is;
  • being used in a non approved event; or
  • transported for repairs not associated with the registration process

* In some cases for vehicles with minor defects a permit may be issued with additional conditions such as driving daylight hours or maximum speeds allowable.

What are the rules for a Short Term Unregistered permit?

Permit will only be issued for the minimum number of days, within a 28 day period required to complete the task or event. The journey must be by the most practical and direct route to reach the destination/s.

Vehicles, including trailers are not allowed to carry a load, except for boat or single car trailers which can carry items for which they are designed.  Car trailers will only be issued with a Permit for the purpose of relocation or the transportation of an unregistered or un-roadworthy vehicle.

Further conditions of use may be applied. This will be determined after an application is made.

Can an unregistered vehicle be towed?

A permit must be obtained even if the vehicle is being towed by a registered vehicle, unless the registered vehicle is a tow truck.

Are there exemptions for agricultural equipment?

Agricultural implements (e.g. hay baler) being used for agricultural purposes can be towed by any registered vehicle but trailers being used for agricultural purposes can only be towed by an agricultural machine (e.g. farm tractor).

What if I am moving a vehicle from Tasmania to the Mainland?

Permits issued in Tasmania are recognised in most States and Territories of Australia and can only be used for the period of time required to complete a journey.  Before leaving Tasmania please contact the interstate jurisdiction to ensure that a Tasmanian issued Permit is valid in that State or Territory.

What if I am moving a vehicle from interstate to Tasmania?

Where a vehicle is being relocated and the starting point for a journey is located in another State or Territory a permit will need to be issued by that jurisdiction.

Where an unregistered vehicle is being brought to Tasmania from interstate for an approved event as stated above a Short Term Permit must be purchased from the jurisdiction that the vehicle leaves from and in addition a Tasmanian permit will need to be purchased to participate in the event.

What if I live Interstate?

You can contact Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513 or international +61 3 6169 9017 to make arrangements to have a permit issued. You will need to complete an application form for a Short Term Permit and provide credit or debit card details.

How do I apply for a permit?

Attend a Service Tasmania shop with a completed application form and payment. Or if living interstate see above. Segway Permits are not available through Service Tasmania - see Segway page for more information.

What details will I need to supply?

  • full name and address*
  • make, colour and body type of vehicle*
  • previous registration number
  • VIN, engine and/or chassis number
  • purpose of each journey*
  • commencement and termination point of each journey*
  • start and end date of each journey*
  • sign a declaration that will bind the operator to the conditions of use* (if these are breached the permit may be cancelled)

NOTE: *Mandatory information you must supply

How much do they cost?

Vehicle permit fee, or Trailers < 500kg permit fee (No MAIB payable)

What documentation do I get?

  • Short Term Unregistered Vehicle Permit
  • Journey details certificate

Both must be carried in the vehicle when using or moving the unregistered vehicle.

The travel dates or locations can be changed prior to the start date of the permit. A permit cancelled after the start date will not be refunded. To change journey details or cancel a permit, visit a Service Tasmania shop with the permit.

NOTE: If the permit was due to commence on a weekend or public holiday a refund will be issued if the permit is cancelled on the next business day.