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Roadworks Specifications

No. Title Date
R21 Clearing and Grubbing (PDF) March 2009
R22 Earthworks (PDF) June 2012
R23 Subgrade Zone (PDF) (WORD) June 2013
R24 Geotextiles (PDF) (WORD) July 2014
R31 Open Drains and Channels, (PDF) June 2004
R32 Drainage: Culverts, Pipelines and Related Structures (PDF) (WORD) July 2014
R33 Subsurface Drainage (PDF) (WORD) July 2014
R34 Drainage and Kerb Maintenance, (PDF) November 2010
R35 Waterway Clearing and Scour Repair (PDF) November 2010
R36 Kerb and Gutter (PDF) June 2004
R40 Pavement Base and Subbase (PDF) (WORD)
Form R40.1 Nomination of Materials Form (PDF) (WORD)
Explanatory Notes (PDF) (WORD)

July 2014
July 2014
July 2014

R42 Insitu Stabilisation with Cementitious Materials (PDF) March 1995
R43 Pavement and Shoulder Maintenanc, (PDF) November 2010
R50 Guide Notes for Bituminous Surfacing Specifications (PDF) June 2011
R51 Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing (PDF) June 2011
R54 Road and Bridge Cleaning (PDF) November 2010

Asphalt Placement (PDF)
Explanatory Notes (PDF)

June 2011
R57 Bituminous Slurry Surfacing (PDF) March 1995
R58 Surface Re-texturing June 2012
R59 Sealed Pavement Maintenance (PDF) November 2010
R61 Road Safety Barrier Systems, (PDF)
Road Safety Barrier Design Guide - Part A (PDF)
Road Safety Barrier Design Guide - Part B (PDF)
Road Safety Barrier Design Guide - Appendices (PDF)
October 2009
R62 Guide Posts and Delineators (PDF) August 2003
R63 Signs (PDF) February 2005
R64 Pavement Marking (PDF)
Pavement Marking (WORD)
July 2013
R65 Road Furniture Maintenance (PDF) November 2010
R70 Landscaping (PDF) February 2005
R72 Fencing (PDF) June 2004
R76 Roadside Maintenance (PDF) November 2010
R78 Rest Area Maintenance (PDF) November 2010
R80 Miscellaneous Concrete Slabs (PDF) June 2004
R81 Minor Concrete Structures (PDF) August 2003
R91 Property Accesses (PDF) June 2004
R92 Underground Service Facilities (PDF) June 2004
R100 Frost, Ice and Snow Management (PDF) November 2010
R101 Emergency Management (PDF) November 2010