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Specification listings - Standard Sections

The Department has developed the following new State Growth Specifications – Standard Sections (based on VicRoads Standard Sections).

The new Tasmania specifications will apply to all construction contracts advertised for tender after 1 August 2016.

Standard Sections - 600 Series - Bridgeworks

Sec: 602 Excavations (MS Word Document, 32.5 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 603 Cofferdams (MS Word Document, 40.0 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 604 Cylinders (MS Word Document, 34.5 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 613 Falsework (MS Word Document, 64.0 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 614 Formwork (MS Word Document, 73.5 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 640 Sheet Piles (MS Word Document, 47.5 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Standard Sections - 700 Series - Incidental Construction

Sec: 707 Fencing (MS Word Document, 56.5 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 709 Guide Posts (MS Word Document, 79.5 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 713 Beaching (MS Word Document, 8.2 MB) Date: Aug-2016

* Note that the training requirements under Standard Section 176 Environmental Management (Minor) clause 176.A4 specify that personnel directly involved in the implementation of the EMP…;

  • have demonstrated competence and suitable experience in environmental management in a construction environment; or
  • have successfully completed a nationally accredited training course which addresses management practices for erosion and sediment control (Green Card or equivalent).

Green Card or equivalent qualification accredited training providers as registered with the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) are listed on the IECA web-site via this link.

Professional Services Specifications and Standard Drawings

The following current State Growth Professional Services Specifications and Standard Drawings will continue to apply where referenced in State Growth professional services and construction contracts.

Previous State Growth Construction Specifications

The following State Growth Specifications apply to contracts tendered prior to 1 August 2016 will not be further updated but will remain available on this web-site for future reference through to 30 June 2018.

Completed Works Forms

The Completed Works Forms templates are to be used by contractors undertaking works on the Department of State Growth's roads to record details of works, such as information related to pavement construction, traffic facilities, linemarking or other works outlined in the Department of State Growth's Standard Specifications.  The templates are to be returned as part of the Completion Works Report on the completion of works for any given project.