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Roadside Maintenance

Photo credit: Pete Harmsen

As part of our work to maintain over 3,700 kilometres of state roads, the Department regularly collects rubbish and trims, mows and maintains roadside vegetation.

We do this for many reasons, including:

  • keeping road users safe
  • minimising the threat of invasive species
  • preserving the natural beauty and heritage of our state.

Maintenance takes into consideration environmental, heritage and cultural significance as well as impacts on road users, communities and property owners. Local councils are responsible for maintaining roadsides on their roads.


How do I report a dangerous tree?

If you’ve seen a tree that poses a risk to road users near a state road, please phone 1300 139 933.

We regularly audit roadsides to identify high risk trees, and assess any trees reported to us. Dozens of factors are considered in any tree assessment, including the environmental and/or cultural significance of the trees.

Why not let nature run its course?

The primary reason we mow and maintain state roads is to keep road users safe.
The maintenance of roadside vegetation helps ensure safe sight distances, manages invasive species, ensures vehicles have enough space to travel safely and manages the risk of falling trees or limbs.

What happens with trees of environmental or heritage significance?

Older and heritage trees are an important aspect of Tasmania’s identity, and many trees provide important habitat for Tasmanian wildlife. In cases where significant trees are assessed as presenting a major risk to safety, options including preservation, trimming, relocation or propagation of replacement trees is considered.

Why isn’t an area being mowed or trimmed?

We have a regular schedule for roadside maintenance.
Occasionally, we may need to alter schedules for a number of reasons, including responding to seasonal vegetation growth or prioritising higher risk areas.
If you’ve seen a roadside that needs maintenance, please phone 1300 139 933.

How can I help?

The easiest way all road users can help is by properly disposing of rubbish. Road users can also help keep our road workers safe by observing traffic signs and staying alert and cautious.

Are you doing anything to combat invasive species?

When invasive species are identified, we may work in conjunction with other groups to manage the species under the Weed Management Act 1999. The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment maintains a list of weeds declared under the Act. If you believe you have seen an invasive species that requires management, please phone DPIPWE on 1300 368 550.