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Traffic Management

If you want to undertake traffic management in the State Road Reservation you will require approval from the Department of State Growth.

A Traffic Management permit is issued when entry is required on to a State/Council road or private property, which may affect the traffic conditions of a State Road. The Traffic Management permit gives approval for the temporary installation of traffic control devices and advisory signage only.

You will need to fill in and submit an application

Applications must be received by the Department of State Growth a minimum of twenty (20) business days prior to the expected commencement date for works in order to allow sufficient time for the application to be assessed.

No traffic management is to be undertaken until a written permit has been issued.

The permit is issued in accordance with the provisions of the Roads and Jetties Act 1935.

Traffic control at work sites may be required to maintain a safe workplace for workers and to safely guide road users through work sites. More information can be found:

Applications can be sent:

By Mail:
Department of State Growth
GPO Box 536, Hobart TAS 7001

By Email:


Please call the State Roads Division (03) 6166 3369.