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2019 Greater Hobart Household Travel Survey

The Department of State Growth is conducting the 2019 Greater Hobart Household Travel Survey to look at how, where, why and when people in Greater Hobart are travelling.

Around 4,700 households across Greater Hobart have been randomly selected to complete the two-day travel survey, with the data collected being used to provide the Department with information about daily travel patterns, including methods of travel, times of travel and purposes of travel.

This data will be used to make planning decisions about roads, public transport and other infrastructure and facilities.

A pilot survey will be held in February, with the main survey to run between May and June 2019.

A Greater Hobart Household Travel Survey was last conducted in Tasmanian in 2008-09. Key findings from the survey can be found here: Greater Hobart Household Travel Survey 2008-09

Further information

Further information about the survey, including answers to frequently asked questions, is available: Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have been selected to take part in the Greater Hobart Household Travel Survey and would like to speak to the survey team, please call 1800 290 923.

Information for participants

Your participation in the Greater Hobart Household Travel Survey is appreciated. Your responses are important in helping us understand how, when and where people travel. It does not matter if you travel a lot or hardly at all. By collecting information from as many people as possible, a representative picture of population movements can be generated.

Participants can be assured that privacy of all individuals will be respected. All information collected is confidential and any personal information is deleted before data is provided to the Department.