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Greater Hobart House Travel Survey - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is conducting the survey?

The survey is being conducted by Ipsos Social Research Institute on behalf of the Department of State Growth.

What is the purpose of the survey?

The purpose of the survey is to collect essential information on the day-to-day travel and activities of people living in Greater Hobart including how, where, why and when people travel.

This data will be used to make planning decisions about roads, public transport and other infrastructure and facilities.

How is the survey conducted?

4,700 households have been randomly selected to participate in the survey. During the survey period, survey materials will be personally delivered to selected households, including survey letters, a two-day travel diary, household forms and a how-to guide.

How was I selected?

Households have been randomly selected, with selection based on an address list of all properties in Greater Hobart rather than individuals.

Why do you ask about the people in the household?

People travel in many different ways. So as to obtain a good picture of how people in Greater Hobart travel, the survey needs to get answers from all types of people and households.

In addition to asking about your travel, we also ask questions about you age, gender, occupation and income to ensure that we have included responses from a broad range of people.

What if I don’t travel much?

We want to hear from a variety of people, from people who travel frequently to people who hardly travel at all. Hearing from different groups of people will help us understand the travel behaviour of everyone participating in the survey.

How is my privacy protected?

All information collected through the survey is treated confidentially and analysed in combination with data collected from other households so that no individual survey participant can be identified.

In addition, no address or contact information is stored by the Department.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any questions, please call the survey team on 1800 290 923.