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Brooker Highway Transport Plan

The Brooker Highway Transport Plan sets a shared vision for the future of the Brooker Highway. The Plan delineates objectives and principles for future investment in the highway for the short, medium and long term, to enable the highway to cater for current demand and future transport needs.


Brooker Highway will continue to be a safe and efficient urban highway, able to cater for a large and growing transport task (including freight and passengers) and facilitate local transport access.


To achieve the Plan's vision, the key objectives for the Brooker Highway are to:

  • Maintain capacity and travel time reliability for efficient movement of freight and passengers
  • Improve road safety and reduce crash rates, through strategies and infrastructure solutions
  • Improve local connectivity between residential areas and activity centres for both vehicles and pedestrians, including connections to key local roads (e.g. Main Road)
  • Create land use planning and development patterns that support the function of the Brooker
  • Manage infrastructure assets to deliver appropriate level of service and visual amenity
  • Monitor future trends in the transport system to adapt planning and meet changes in demand
  • Improve residential amenity for people living along the Brooker Highway