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Channel Highway - Kingston to Margate Planning Study

The Department of State Growth is doing a planning study along the Channel Highway between Kingston and Margate.

Why are we doing this study?

The study is in response to the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to review the junction at Howden Road and investigate safety concerns.

We’re looking at how to improve this section of the Channel Highway between Kingston and Margate, including the Howden Road junction because of the increased traffic and development on the highway.

The study will look at how the highway meets the current and future needs for the community.


The study will help shape future projects as well as options for active and passenger transport (pedestrians, bikes and buses) between Kingston and Margate.

The information gathered will be used to help prepare future plans for the identified solutions. It will also help to itemise and prioritise the solutions for funding approval.


A timeline showing where we are in the project timeline. We have completed the  Issues identification stage which includes community feedback, and the options identification stage.The next stage is Options Assessment, which will take place through June 2019. The Proposed options will be released in July 2019, and the completed corridor improvement plan should be ready in August 2019.

Have your say

We asked the community for their feedback to help us identify areas for improvement, highlight any safety concerns and make suggestions about how and where changes could be made.

The feedback period for this study closed on Sunday 26 May. You can view the feedback given during the initial feedback period here: Channel Highway - Kingston to Margate Planning Study interactive map.

We will provide more information about the study shortly.


For more information about the project phone 03 6210 0622 or email:

Updated: 18 Jun 2019