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Channel Highway - Kingston to Margate Planning Study

As you may be aware, the Department of State Growth is in the final stages of a planning study of the section of the Channel Highway from Kingston and Margate.

Why are we doing this study?

The study is in response to the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to review the junction at Howden Road, investigate safety concerns, and will look at how the highway meets the current and future needs for the community.

In April this year we asked the community for their feedback to help us identify areas for improvement, highlight any safety concerns and make suggestions about how and where changes could be made. A snapshot of the initial engagement period can be viewed here: Consultation Snapshot (PDF, 117.02 KB)

Project update December - Have Your Say

Following feedback received from key stakeholders, residents, road users, community groups, and public transport providers we have identified a range of improvement opportunities.

The concepts have been categorised into traffic safety, traffic flow, and access improvements

We asked the community for their feedback on the improvement opportunities.

The consultation period was open from 9 - 20 December 2019. You can view the improvement opportunities, and the feedback collected during the consultation period on our online interactive map.

The improvement opportunities presented are subject to future funding and will help to guide investment over the next 20 years.

We expect the final Corridor Improvement Plan to be finalised in early 2020.


The study will help shape future projects as well as options for active and passenger transport (pedestrians, bikes and buses) between Kingston and Margate.

The information gathered will be used to help prepare future plans for the identified solutions. It will also help to itemise and prioritise the solutions for funding approval.


Timeline of engagement - March 2019: Planning Study starts - Done;  April 2019: Issues identification - You told us about your experiences - Done; May 2019: Options identification - Done; July 2019: Options assessment - In progress;  September 2019: Proposed options - We’d like to hear what you think about the options we’re proposing; December 2019: Corridor Improvement Plan completed;


For more information about the project phone 03 6210 0662 or email:

Updated: 20 Dec 2019