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Brooker Highway Junction Upgrades

Elwick, Goodwood and Howard Roads

The Department of State Growth has now completed works to upgrade the Brooker Highway junctions at Howard, Goodwood and Elwick Roads.

The upgrades included the construction of two new signalised intersections, one to replace the Howard Road/Renfrew Circle roundabout and another which brings together Elwick and Goodwood Roads into a single intersection to replace the two “staggered-tee” signals.

The new intersection signals are coordinated with the new signals at Howard Road/Renfrew Circle.  

The new more efficient intersections have reduced travel times:

  • Travel times north from Derwent Park Road to Berriedale Road are down 45% during the afternoon peak, saving around 4 ½ minutes per trip
  • Travel times south from Berriedale Road to Derwent Park Road are down 20% during the morning peak, saving nearly 2 minutes per trip.

The project has provided three through-lanes in each direction and improved pedestrian and cycling facilities.

This project has addressed increasing traffic, minimised peak-time bottlenecks and improved connections between local communities.

The construction contract was undertaken by Hazell Bros, a Tasmanian firm. Approximately 660 people were inducted into the site, with over 130 000 hours worked by Hazell Bros staff and subcontractors.

These upgrades were identified as high priority in the 2012 Strategic Review of the Brooker Highway.

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This project was funded by the Australian and Tasmanian Governments.

The works included:

  • replacement of Howard Road roundabout with a new signalised intersection
  • realignment of Elwick Road and Goodwood Road to form one signalised intersection
  • coordination of the signals at both intersections for maximum traffic flow efficiency, especially at peak travel times
  • signalised pedestrian crossings at the intersections
  • access to Timsbury Road from Howard Road
  • three through-lanes in each direction
  • green marked zones for cyclists at some intersections
  • shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists along Brooker Hwy.


Start of works: January 2016

Roadworks completed: May 2017


For further information about the project please contact the Department of State Growth Project Manager, Vanessa King, on 03 6166 3424 or by email at