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Bruny Island - Neck Improvements

The upgrades were delivered jointly by the Department of State Growth and Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service and included widening and sealing the final 2.5 kilometres of Bruny Island Main Road to provide a consistent road environment and improve safety. A larger car park at the Truganini Lookout at The Neck now has safer entry and exit points and spaces for 24 vehicles as well as bus parking to better accommodate visitors at busy times.

A dedicated wildlife zone has been created for the resident penguins and shearwaters, including penguin tunnels under the road, fencing and signage. The Neck is a sensitive habitat and breeding environment for Little Penguins and Shearwaters and an important tourist attraction for the island.


This project is on the Bruny Island Main Road at the Neck, approx 3.5km north of Adventure Bay turnoff.

Bruny Neck Sealing Location Map

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Features and Safety Benefits of the Project

Upgrades included:

  • Sealed road, providing safer and consistent road environment.
  • Improved crossing facilities for penguins.
  • Larger, relocated car park at the Adventure Bay Lookout.
  • Improved water run-off for the road.
  • A dedicated wildlife zone within the Neck including improved signage.

Current Status

  • Works are complete
  • The Neck Lookout is open to the public

Project Question and Answer Sheet - November

Project Question and Answer Sheet

Bruny Neck Improvements Roll Plan

Bruny Neck Car Park Plan

Bruny Neck Typical Cross Sections Plan

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