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Bass Highway - Cooee to Wynyard Planning Study

The Department of State Growth is undertaking a planning study along the Bass Highway between Cooee and Wynyard to identify areas to improve the highway reliability and safety. This study is funded by the Australian Government.

We will also be assessing the Cam River Bridge and looking at alternative routes for emergency access if an incident closed the bridge.


The Cooee to Wynyard Planning Study is looking at the section of Bass Highway from the intersection with Brickport Road in Cooee to the intersection of Old Bass Highway at Wynyard.

Why is the Department of State Growth doing this planning study?

The purpose of the study is to improve network reliability and safety by developing a Corridor Improvement Plan, identifying and prioritising areas of improvement along the corridor for both roads and bridges.


We are seeking your feedback to assist us to identify areas for improvement, highlight any safety concerns and make suggestions about how and where changes could be made. The planning study will form the basis for future projects, subject to funding.

Have your say

Our feedback period has closed, but you can still view community comments via our  interactive map.


For more information please contact the Project Manager, Howard Mitchell, on 6166 3392 or via email at: