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Domain Highways Planning Study

The Australian and Tasmanian Governments have committed funding to investigate potential upgrades and improvements to the highways that surround Hobart’s Queens Domain.

We are developing a long-term plan to manage future transport needs, reduce congestion and improve safety on the:

  • Domain Highway including the interchange with the Brooker Highway
  • Brooker Highway from the Risdon Road intersection to the railway roundabout
  • Tasman Highway from the Tasman Bridge to Davey Street.

Image 1: The area included in the study

This image is a map showing the of the Domain highways in the study area, the Domain Highway (red), Brooker Highway (orange) and the Tasman Highway (aqua).

The information gathered during the initial consultation phase will be used to help inform long-term plans. The study will look at how the roads are used by motorists, freight transporters, public transport, cyclists and pedestrians. Options for improvement may include different ways to move traffic through the area, better use of existing infrastructure, new infrastructure, public transport, and the use of active transport options such as walking and cycling.


The online feedback period has now closed.

We’re also working with local councils, businesses, industry groups and local communities to understand what is important to the people who use this area, and to develop solutions that will improve your journey through the area, and provide long term benefits to Hobart.


DatesStudy PhaseDescription
Nov/Dec 2018Issues, opportunities & needs identificationCommunity and stakeholder consultation to understand local issues, what is important to you, and what needs further investigation.
2018/2019Options identificationPotential options will be prepared based on initial investigations and your feedback.
We are here.
Early-mid 2019Options & improvements assessed

Options will be refined to develop preferred solutions.

We will be seeking feedback from the community and key stakeholders on our shortlisted options.

Mid 2019Preferred Options for Funding ConsiderationPreferred options will be developed for future funding consideration.