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East Tamar Highway - Mowbray Connector - Intersection Upgrade

The Department of State Growth will soon start works to upgrade the East Tamar Highway - Mowbray Connector.


Why is the Department of State Growth doing work on this road?

The planned upgrades will make it safer and easier for traffic using Mowbray Link to turn off or onto the East Tamar Highway.

Proposed works include:

  • Installation of traffic signals at the intersection of East Tamar Highway and Mowbray Link.
  • Installation of two northbound right turn lanes from the East Tamar Highway onto Mowbray Link.
  • Realignment of the existing southbound left turn lane from the East Tamar Highway onto Mowbray Link.
  • Installation of a consistent 80 km/h speed limit on the East Tamar Highway between Forster Street and Mowbray Connector (northbound) and University Way and Forster Street (southbound).
  • Relocation of the Launceston Grammar Boat Club access.

Design Plan

East Tamar Highway - Mowbray Connector - Design Plan (PDF)


This project is expected to go to tender in August 2018, with construction expected to commence in late 2018.

Contact details

For further information about this project please contact the Project Manager, Stefano Conforti, on 6166 3379 or by email at: