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East Tamar Highway - Mowbray Connector - Intersection Upgrade

The Department of State Growth is currently undertaking design work for a roundabout at the East Tamar Highway - Mowbray Connector.


What’s happened so far?

During the development of the project, the Department of State Growth (State Growth) considered a range of options to help make this intersection safer and easier for traffic using the Mowbray Link to turn off and on to the East Tamar Highway.

These options included both a roundabout and traffic signals. Our traffic modelling showed that in the medium to long-term, a roundabout would not be able to efficiently handle traffic volumes during peak times, which led to State Growth focusing on the development and design of traffic signals for the intersection.

What’s currently happening?

State Growth has taken on board the feedback from the community and is now undertaking design work for a roundabout. The revised design will allow for traffic signals to be installed at a later date when the roundabout is no longer able to handle peak traffic volumes.

Next steps

Once the revised design is complete, State Growth will share the design with the community.

Construction on the new design is expected to start in 2019-20.

Contact details

For further information about this project please contact the Project Manager, Stefano Conforti, on 6166 3379 or by email at: