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Tasman Highway - Great Eastern Drive

Project information

The Tasmanian Government has committed funding to upgrade the Great Eastern Drive as part of the Road Package to support Tasmania’s Visitor Economy.

The project will improve the driver experience, overall safety, and travel time reliability for all road users along this popular touring route.

The project is underway. Some upgrades have been completed, some are being constructed, and some projects are scheduled to start work over the next few years.


The Great Eastern Drive is a 176 kilometre long section of the Tasman Highway that extends from Orford to St Helens on Tasmania’s East Coast.


Works will be undertaken in stages.

Current works

The next stage includes upgrades, including road widening and safety treatments, at junctions and entries to popular tourism experiences.

We started work on the first of these projects in March 2020, upgrading the junction of Tasman Highway and Elephant Pass Road.

We will start work on more sites in April 2020. These include upgrades at:

  • Mariposa Beach
  • Hughes Point Lookout
  • Burgess Street in Bicheno
  • Kelvedon Beach
  • Rocky Hills Road Junction
  • Rocky Hills Turn Out
  • Avalon Junction
  • Ironhouse Brewery access.

Future works

There are more improvements planned for the Great Eastern Drive, including:

  • road improvements and overtaking facilities between St Helens and Dianas Basin
  • extension of the Great Eastern Drive to Binalong Bay Road, including upgrades to the road
  • further safety improvements as required.

Completed works

The first stage of works started in late 2018 and was finished in May 2019. The second stage started construction on 30 September 2019 and was finished in early 2020.

Works included:

  • improvements to the Coles Bay Road Left Turn Junction
  • dedicated right turn lanes at Basin Creek and Flagstaff Road.
  • installation of a northbound overtaking lane at Cranbrook (north of Glen Gala Road)
  • four junction upgrades in the Beaumaris Beach area to:
    • Beaumaris Beach
    • Dark Hollow Creek
    • Freshwater Street
    • Skyline Drive
  • Improvements to the pull over area at Four Mile Creek.

Community Consultation

During 2018 we asked the community to identify areas for improvement, highlight any safety concerns and make suggestions about how and where changes could be made. This information will inform a planning study that will provide the basis for future projects, subject to funding.


For further information about the project please contact the Project Manager, Stefano Conforti, on 6166 3379 or by email at:

31 Mar 2020