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Highland Lakes Road

The Tasmanian and Australian Governments have committed funding for road sealing work along Highland Lakes Road.

About the project

Upgrades between Miena and Haulage Hill, north of Breona, have been completed in three stages. The final section between Brandum Bay and Haulage Hill was finished in April 2019.

This last stage of work involved sealing the two remaining unsealed sections of the Highland Lakes Road - a 9.62 km section from Liawenee to Brandum Bay, and a 1.65 km section north of Warner Road to the Great Lakes Lookout. The work included drainage improvements, road strengthening and sealing the road to provide two 3.0 metre wide lanes.

These upgrades are now complete, resulting in a fully sealed road from Deloraine in the north to Melton Mowbray on the Midland Highway in the south.

Sealing the road will make travel safer, providing a consistent, all-weather road environment. It will also reduce road maintenance costs. Sections of the upgraded road will remain at 80km/hr due to the winding nature of the road.

Changeable alpine weather conditions mean the construction season in the Central Highlands is shorter than other parts of the state, so upgrades were done over the past few summer seasons to make the most of the warmer weather.

Contact details

For further information about the project please contact the Project Manager, Robyn Hawkins, on 6165 5033, or by email at:

Updated: 07 May 2019