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Hobart Airport Interchange


The Tasmanian and Australian governments have committed $30 million to construct a four-lane interchange that will replace the Hobart Airport roundabout.

The new interchange will improve safety, reduce traffic congestion, and facilitate future increases of traffic.

The existing roundabout is currently operating at capacity – with delays and queuing often occurring during peak hour time periods.

Rapid growth in the residential areas of Sorell and the southern beaches as well as an increase in tourism numbers along the east coast and Tasman Peninsula, has contributed to more traffic throughout the area.

The annual average for daily traffic on the Tasman Highway near the airport is currently 27,000, and is predicted to grow by 2.8 per cent per annum to 47,000 by 2038.

The new interchange will improve access to the Hobart Airport. An initial concept design for the interchange has been created to facilitate the predicted growth in traffic, including increases in visitor numbers, air freight transport, and commercial developments.

Cambridge, Seven Mile Beach, and the Hobart Airport precinct will be better connected and travel time reliability and traffic flow along the Tasman Highway will also be improved.

The Department is undertaking a study on the Tasman Highway from Sorell to Hobart to identify ways to make further improvements.

Current situation – April 2019

The initial concept design has been created, and the project was advertised in April 2019.

The successful contractor will be responsible for detailed design, and construction of the interchange.

The concept design includes:

  • Reconstruction and upgrading of 1.6 km of the Tasman Highway including extension of the dual carriageway
  • A four-lane overpass, with the realigned Holyman Avenue and Kennedy Drive passing over the Tasman Highway
  • Removal of the roundabout from the Tasman Highway
  • A two lane off-ramp to the Hobart Airport
  • A continuous flow on-ramp from the airport towards Hobart that will allow for future increases of airport traffic
  • Realignment of local access roads
  • Traffic lights to coordinate vehicles across the overpass. The traffic lights will be responsive to the volume of traffic

Initial Concept Design

  • Initialoconcept design plan

You can view the initial concept design plan overview in full here: Hobart Airport Interchange initial concept design.

You can view a video illustration of the design here:


The project is jointly funded by the Tasmanian and Australian governments.


Tender advertised: April 2019

Start of construction: early 2020

Further information

Phone: 1800 753 878