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Huon Highway / Sandfly Road Intersection Safety Upgrade

The State Government has committed $2 million to deliver immediate safety improvements for the Huon Highway / Sandfly Road Intersection.

About the project

Over the last 10 years there have been 33 reported crashes at the intersection: 1 serious injury, 8 minor injury, 7 requiring first aid and 17 property damage only. The main type of crash involves vehicles turning right out of Sandfly road towards Kingston.

The project will improve road safety, freight transport movements and safer bus movements at the intersection.

The proposed upgrade includes:

  • wider medians providing room for buses and trucks to wait safely
  • traffic islands designed to improve line of sight for all road users
  • new slip lane from Sandfly Road south for traffic travelling to Huonville
  • removal of one of the uphill lanes through the intersection by relocating the start of the overtaking lane to the west of the intersection
  • improved lighting at the intersection.

Community consultation

Two community information sessions were held on 3 and 6 July at the Sandfly Hall.

The feedback period is now closed.


Community consultation: June - July 2019

Tender advertised: August 2019

Start of works: Late 2019

Completion of works: Early 2020

Additional information

Design plan

Click on the image to view a larger version.

Final Design Plan for public display Huon Highway Sandfly Road Intersection

Contact details

For further information about the project, please contact the Project Manager, Mary O’Hare, on (03) 6166 3435 or by email,

22 Jul 2019