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Huon Highway / Sandfly Road Intersection Safety Upgrade

The State Government has committed $2 million to deliver immediate safety improvements for the Huon Highway / Sandfly Road Intersection.

About the project

Over the last 10 years there have been 33 reported crashes at the intersection: 1 serious injury, 8 minor injury, 7 requiring first aid and 17 property damage only. The main type of crash involves vehicles turning right out of Sandfly road towards Kingston.

The project will improve road safety, freight transport movements and safer bus movements at the intersection.

The proposed upgrade includes:

  • wider medians providing room for buses and trucks to wait safely
  • traffic islands designed to improve line of sight for all road users
  • new slip lane from Sandfly Road south for traffic travelling to Huonville
  • removal of one of the uphill lanes through the intersection by relocating the start of the overtaking lane to the west of the intersection
  • improved lighting at the intersection.

Community consultation

Concept design

We started community consultation with nearby landowners and key stakeholders in June.

The design concept was presented to the public for consultation and feedback at two public information sessions on 3 and 6 July at the Sandfly Hall.

The concept design was also on display at the Kingborough and Huon Valley Council offices from 3 – 19 July for community feedback.

The Department of State Growth’s project team, is continuing to work with Huon Valley Council, Kingborough Council and key stakeholders on the project. These discussions, as well as feedback received from the community during the consultation period, will be taken into consideration by the Department, who are currently looking at further design options for the intersection.

Speed limit review

The Department is applying to the Commissioner for Transport to reduce the speed limit on the Huon Highway at Vinces Saddle from 100 km/h to 80 km/h for 4.1 kilometres from the cemetery travelling towards Hobart. This section of the Huon Highway is hilly, windy and has one of the highest reported crash rates in the entire State Road Network. Research tells us that even small reductions of 10 km/h in travelling speed can lead to a 25 percent reduction in serious casualties.

Based on this community feedback, the Department is undertaking community consultation on a proposal to extend the reduced speed limit by 1.5 kilometres to include the intersection of Huon Highway and Sandfly Road.

The Department will provide the Commissioner feedback received from road users about their expressed ability and willingness to maintain 80 km/h for 1.5 kilometres, from the top of the hill at Vinces Saddle to about 300 meters past the intersection. Based on community feedback received, the Department will apply to the Commissioner for a reduction at Vinces Saddle to either include, or not include, the downhill approach to the intersection.

The Commissioner considers a number of factors when reviewing speed limits to ensure any changes are consistent with Australian Standards. Key factors include road characteristics, crash history and if the speed limit makes sense to road users.

The Department’s application to the Commissioner will not inform or replace the design process currently being undertaken for the Huon Highway and Sandfly Road Intersection Safety Upgrade.

You are invited to share your feedback on the proposed speed reduction. You can leave your comments on the interactive map until 30 September 2019.

Additional information

Concept design plan

Click on the image to view a larger version.

Final Design Plan for public display Huon Highway Sandfly Road Intersection

Contact details

For further information about the project, please contact the Project Manager, Mary O’Hare, on (03) 6166 3435 or by email,

19 Sep 2019