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Huon Highway Shoulder Sealing Fleurtys Road to Shipwrights Point

The Tasmanian Government allocated funding to continue shoulder sealing and line marking work on the Huon Highway.


The work was undertaken along a 5.5 kilometre section of the Huon Highway south of Franklin from Fleurtys Road junction to Shipwrights Point in Port Huon. 

The work also included sealing the gravel informal pull-over area opposite Huon Eldercare in Franklin.  This will be sealed and signed to provide a viewing / photo opportunity area for tourists to safely stop off the highway.

Why is the Department of State Growth doing work on this road?

The key objective of this project is to improve safety for all road users through the provision of sealed shoulders. Sealed shoulders reduce loss-of-control crashes by providing additional sealed surface for a driver to recover control of their vehicle if they drift out of their traffic lane.

This project fills the gap of previous shoulder sealing work which was undertaken in 2013 from Franklin to Fleurtys Road and Shipwrights Point to Arve Road in Geeveston.


These works are complete.


This project is a component of the Huon Highway Corridor Study 2012 which provides a prioritised list of road improvement projects to improve safety and provide a consistent travel environment from Huonville to Southport.

These works are a continuation of the shoulder sealing and road safety improvements which have been undertaken on the Huon Highway between Huonvuille and Geeveston over the past five years.

This work includes:

  • passing lanes at Glendevie Hills in 2015/16
  • shoulder sealing and junction improvements between Huonville and Franklin in 2012
  • shoulder sealing and junction improvements from Franklin to Fleurtys Road in 2013
  • shoulder sealing and junction improvements between Port Huon and Geeveston in 2013.

Further information

Any enquiries about the project may be directed to the Project Manager, Robyn Hawkins, on 6165 5033, or by email

Updated Wednesday, 2 May 2018.