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Huon Highway Dowlings Road – Safety Improvements

The Department of State Growth is improving safety on the Huon Highway at Dowlings Road.

About the project

Why is the Department of State Growth doing work on this road?

The project will improve safety for all road users along this section of the highway by widening the northbound lane towards Hobart to provide safer turning movements for vehicles waiting to turn right into Dowlings Road, which provides access to Kate Hill Winery.

The Tasmanian Government has committed $1.5 million for Huon Highway Priority Safety Upgrades.

This project is one of several locations identified for safety upgrades by Huon Valley Council.

Other locations include:

  • Willie Smith’s Apple Shed – (click link for status of this project.)
  • Reid Fruits
  • Basin Road (which provides access to Hansen Orchards)
  • The Honey Pot
  • Mountain River Road (Grove shop).


The project is located on the Huon Highway at Dowlings Road just north of Huonville.


The project is currently in the detailed design phase. Construction is proposed to start in the coming months.

Future works

The next location for a safety upgrade is the northern access to Reid Fruits. This project involves widening the southbound lane to provide safer turning movements for vehicles waiting to turn right into Reid Fruits. This project is in the early planning stage.

Contact Details

For information about the project please contact our Stakeholder Engagement Consultant, Lucy Bennett, on 0408 074 592 or by email,

Updated: 10 Mar 2020