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Huon Highway Summerleas Road Intersection Upgrade

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Design for Huon Highway Summerleas Road Intersection.jpg

This project is located at the intersection of the Huon Highway and Summerleas Road, adjacent to Kingston.

Features and safety benefits of the project

The purpose of the project is to improve the safety of the intersection.

Planned upgrades include construction of:

  • a grade separated interchange with Summerleas Road passing under the Huon Highway    
  • roundabouts on Summerleas Road (either side of the Huon Highway) to provide access to and from the Huon Highway    
  • an overtaking lane on the Huon Highway for traffic travelling towards the Huon Valley (lane beginning immediately north of Kingston interchange)    
  • a flexible safety barrier to separate traffic on the Huon Highway    
  • facilities for cyclists and pedestrians    
  • safer bus stop locations.    

Why is the Department of State Growth doing work at this intersection?

The Huon Highway is a key intra-regional corridor in Southern Tasmania connecting major industry sectors such as forestry, aquaculture and agriculture to central Hobart and other destinations.  

At the junction with Summerleas Road, the Highway passes adjacent to Kingston, one of Greater Hobart's highest growth residential areas. Summerleas Road is a major connection across the Highway linking residential areas to major commercial, educational and other facilities at Kingston.

The existing intersection has a history of crashes, notably those related to right-turn movements from Huon Highway to Summerleas Road and cross-highway traffic on Summerleas Road.

Project Timings

  • Concept design                     Jan-Mar 2016    
  • Community consultation        Mar-April 2016    
  • Final design completed         September 2016    
  • Tender advertised                 October 2016    
  • Start of works                        February 2017    
  • Completion of works              Mid 2018    


This project is funded by the Australian and Tasmanian Governments.

Supporting Documents

Design for Huon Highway Summerleas Road Intersection Upgrade (9.8MB PDF)

A2 Elevation design poster Huon Hwy Summerleas Road Intersection (330KB PDF)

View the Summerleas Intersection Improvements Q&A sheet (230KB PDF)

Construction photos

30 November 2017

1 November 2017

16 October 2017

08 August 2017 - Photo courtesy of VEC Shaw Joint Venture

25 July 2017

14 June 2017

19 May 2017

Temporary side road 19 May 2017

Construction 4 March 2017


For construction queries please call the contractor on 0427 718 375.

For any project design queries please call 1800 753 878 or contact the Department of State Growth on

Updated Monday, 21 May 2018.