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Richmond Road Master Plan

The Richmond Road Master Plan will provide a safer and more consistent road environment between Cambridge and Richmond. The upgrades include wider lanes, sealed shoulders, improved road alignment, junction upgrades, slow vehicle turn outs and a new Cambridge Link Road.

Richmond Road carries a diverse mix of traffic including commuters, agricultural vehicles, tourists and cyclists. It also has a disappointing crash history with some 86 crashes reported – including ten fatal or serious – between 2005 and 2015.

Project update May 2019

The next package of works include safety improvements to 3.2 kilometres of road between University of Tasmania Farm and Malcolms Hut Road and upgrades to Boyes Street junction.

Also included is the construction of the new Cambridge Link Road which will connect Richmond Road to the Tasman Highway Acton Interchange and provide an alternative route that avoids Cambridge Village and the busy Richmond Road and Cambridge Road junction.

These works are currently out to tender with construction expected to start in late 2019.

Completed works

Richmond Golf Club to the University of Tasmania Farm - these works were completed in December 2018 and included shoulder sealing, drainage improvements and upgrades to Denholms Road junction.

Malcolms Hut Road Junction to Dry Creek – these works were completed in April 2019 and included construction of sealed shoulders and upgrades to the Malcolms Hut Road junction.

Future works

Planning is continuing for the section north of Malcolms Hut Road to Richmond.

Following the implementation of the Master Plan, the Department will commission an independent review of Richmond Road. The review will establish an appropriate speed limit with consideration of the completed road widening and safety improvement works.

Supporting documents

Richmond Road Master Plan – May 2019 (PDF, 366.57 KB)

Contact details

For further information about the project please contact the Project Manager, Stefano Conforti, on 6166 3379 or by email at:

Updated: 28 May 2019