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South East Traffic Solution

The South East Traffic Solution aims to help maintain the liveability of Sorell and the Southern Beaches by reducing travel times through a more efficient and safer road network.

The Sorell area is leading population growth in Tasmania’s south, increasing at nearly three times the rate of the state as a whole. With that growth comes increasing pressures on the transport system leading to traffic congestion and reduced travel time reliability at peak times for commuters and visitors travelling between the Southern Beaches, Sorell and Hobart.

Further pressure on the local road network is generated by strong growth in tourist traffic, with Sorell at the junction of the Tasman Highway and Arthur Highway, carrying through-traffic from the Great Eastern Drive from the north, and Port Arthur and the Tasman Peninsula from the south-east.

The South East Traffic Solution is a multi-level short and medium term Tasmanian Government vision that recognises the need to preserve the lifestyle attractions of Sorell and the Southern Beaches as commuter satellite communities.

We are currently asking for community feedback on designs for the Arthur Highway Overtaking Lane.

The Sorell to Hobart Planning Study is underway to identify the most effective and cost efficient ways of reducing congestion and providing peak period travel time reliability on the Tasman Highway between Sorell and Hobart.

Project commitments under the South East Traffic Solution include:

The Tasmanian Government has also made a commitment to:

  • Double the number of bus services between Sorell and Hobart
  • Start planning to improve Tasman Highway access ramps at Rosny