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Planning for duplication of Tasman Highway between Airport and Sorell

The Department is investigating increasing the Tasman Highway causeways and McGees bridge to four lanes.

Current situation

We are continuing to work on planning for duplication of the causeways (increasing them to four lanes, two in each direction.

We have prioritised the western causeway (the one nearest Hobart) as it is the busiest causeway, with vehicle numbers decreasing after Midway Point.

Duplicating the Western Causeway will increase the benefits of the other South East Traffic Solution projects.

Our planning work shows that building on the northern side of the current causeway is the best option.

A shared pathway will be provided on the northern side of the causeway, and people will still be able to fish on the southern side of McGees Bridge.

The current waterway opening at McGees Bridge will be maintained.

The Orielton lagoon is a sensitive ecosystem and the design and construction will consider the appropriate management to minimise impacts on the environmental values.