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Hobart Airport Roundabout Improvements

With Sorell and surrounding areas growing, and more visitors flying into Hobart, there is more pressure on the transport network, leading to traffic congestion and less reliable travel times.

To help reduce congestion and cut waiting times we have made some changes to the Hobart Airport Roundabout.

These improvements will help to combat the queues and travel delays already being experienced daily, before work starts on the planned Hobart Airport Interchange, which will be a major upgrade to the area.

Project information

What was done?

A second lane was added to the roundabout on the Tasman Highway at Holyman Avenue. The project also included improvements to the entry and exit points, the removal of the merge on the approach to the roundabout from Hobart and an additional lane on the approach from Sorell.

The removal of the merge means that cars don't have to merge into one lane when approaching the roundabout from Hobart.

These changes will reduce delays at and when approaching the roundabout. It will help people get to the airport on time, and will mean less frustration for drivers heading towards Sorell, Midway Point and the Southern Beaches, who can often be held up behind people waiting to turn right towards the airport.

We have also started planning for a number of other projects as part of the South East Traffic Solution.


The roundabout at the intersection of Tasman Highway and Holyman Avenue, which provides access to Hobart Airport and Cambridge.

Project completion

The contract for the project was awarded to Andrew Walter Constructions.

Work started in late October 2018, and was finished in late December.

Project Illustration

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A site map showing the planned improvements