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Sorell Southern Bypass

A transport corridor was identified and protected for the bypass of Sorell in the 1970s. It forms part of the current Master Plan for the Sorell Township.

About the Project

Download the design option (PDF, 1449.28 KB)

This project includes a southern bypass of Sorell between the Tasman Highway near Giblin Drive and the Arthur Highway near Nugent Road.

There will be a roundabout at the Giblin Drive end to facilitate traffic movement to both Sorell and towards the causeway and a roundabout at the Tasman Highway near Nugent Road to facilitate the movement of vehicles into Sorell.

The two-lane bypass will have a speed limit of 80km/hr.

Why do we need a Bypass?

At the moment traffic is queuing in the Sorell Town Centre. The Bypass will give road users the option to avoid driving through Sorell to connect with the Arthur Highway.

We expect that about 40 percent of traffic entering Sorell from the Causeways and 60 percent of traffic entering Sorell from the Arthur Highway will take the Bypass.

How will this affect the Sorell town centre?

The bypass will remove through-traffic from the town centre. This will improve access to Sorell businesses for local residents and visitors, and improve traffic flow through the town centre.

Have Your Say

We asked the community for their feedback on the design options. Consultation closed on 28 June. Visit our interactive map to view the options and the feedback collected during the consultation process.