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Infrastructure Investment Plan Stream 2

Network safety upgrades

The challenge

The Tasmanian Government and the Road Safety Advisory Council are committed to working towards the elimination of fatalities and serious injuries caused by road trauma in Tasmania.

A ‘safe systems’ policy for road services, including designing infrastructure to reduce the consequences of driver errors has been introduced under the Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy.

Customer demand continues to increase on high speed arterial Category 1 network roads meaning there will be increasing potential for serious crashes to occur.  Category 1 roads are the primary freight and passenger roads connecting Tasmanian cities, ports and airports.

Actual and projected growth in total vehicle demand from 2002 to 2030

Actual and projected growth in total vehicle demand from 2002 to 2030, measured as average daily vehicle movements (AADT).  Very low growth in State road customer demand is forecast for the majority of the State Road Network but significant growth in demand for the Category 1 network is expected to continue.

Many of Tasmania’s older sections of the high speed arterial Category 1 network do not meet modern safe systems standards.

Localised increased customer demand at specific intersections and narrow road and shoulder widths on high speed rural roads can result in increased safety risks.

Investment Plan

Improve the safety of Tasmania’s rural high speed Category 1 network by firstly bringing the Midland Highway up to an AusRAP 3 Star safety rating by 2025 and then providing the same level of service on the Bass Highway to Burnie by 2035 and the East Tamar Highway and Illawarra Main Road by 2045

Undertake a road width and shoulder widening program by 2025 that will improve the safety of key rural roads.

Improve the safety of identified junctions as warranted by crash statistics.

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