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Infrastructure Investment Plan Stream 6

Visitor infrastructure investment

The challenge

The Tasmanian Government has identified the visitor economy as a strategic economic growth opportunity for the state and the beauty of the Tasmanian environment is widely marketed.

State road customer complaint data shows a large majority of complaints relate to the appearance of state road roadsides suggesting current roadside management is not meeting contemporary customer levels of satisfaction.

Customer complaints in relation to the State Road Network made between 2005 and 2015

Customer complaints in relation to the State Road Network made between 2005 and 2015.  A large majority relate to aesthetic issues such as roadside mowing and litter collection.

The condition of roadsides is one of first impressions visitors to Tasmania receive as they travel from an airport or ferry terminal.

Increased visitor demand will require localised infrastructure upgrades at popular sites, particularly in regional areas.

Investment Plan

A program of state road infrastructure upgrades targeting specific visitor levels of service will be developed in accordance with tourism industry priorities.

The Investment Plan includes investment to improve the appearance and maintainability of important visitor gateways including roundabouts, medians and landscaping, particularly the Tasman Highway between the airport and Hobart, the southern approaches to Launceston and the Bass Highway at Devonport.

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