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Electronic Billboards

Electronic billboards may NOT be placed in the State Road Reservation without written approval from the Department of State Growth.

Electronic billboards may only be displayed by a road authority for traffic management or road safety purposes, for civil or other emergency by an appropriate statutory authority or where written approval is provided by the Transport Commission for legitimate traffic management or road safety purposes.

Approval is granted in accordance with the Traffic Act 1925 and the Roads and Jetties Act 1935. The use of electronic billboards for roadside advertising is not permitted.

You will need to submit an application:

Applications must be received by the Department of State Growth a minimum of twenty (20) business days prior to the expected commencement date for the display of the signs in order to allow sufficient time for the application to be assessed.

Applications can be sent:

By Email:


Please call the State Roads Division (03) 6166 3369