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Pedestrian Countdown Timers

Trial pedestrian crossing timers in Hobart and Launceston

Thanks to a trial of new crossing light countdown timers, pedestrians in Hobart and Launceston will soon know how long they have left to cross some of their busiest streets.

The new countdown timers will replace the flashing red person that means ‘don’t start to cross’, and will help pedestrians make more informed crossing decisions.

The green pedestrian light still indicates it’s safe to cross.

The static red pedestrian light still indicates that it is not safe to cross.

The helpful assistance beeps and vibrations will not change.

The trial crossing lights will not impact traffic movements.

The installation of the trial crossing lights will begin Monday 23 October.

The three Hobart sites are:

  • The Murray/Morrison Street intersection – one crossing the single lane on Murray Street and one crossing three lanes on Morrison Street
  • The Elizabeth/ Liverpool Street intersection – crossing on Liverpool Street only
  • The Macquarie/ Murray Street intersection – one crossing on Macquarie Street and one crossing on Murray Street

The three sites in Launceston are:

  • The three-way crossing at the St John/ Brisbane Street intersection
  • The George/Brisbane Street intersection – one crossing George Street and one crossing Brisbane Street
  • The Wellington/Brisbane Street intersection – one crossing Wellington Street and one crossing Brisbane Street.

The sites were selected because of the high volume of foot traffic and no left or right turning vehicles.

The trial will continue until the end of 2017 and is funded by the Road Safety Levy as an initiative within the Pedestrian Safety Package under the Road Safety 2017-2019 Work Program.