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Tasmanian Roadside Signs Manual

This Manual is designed to be an information resource for administrators in State and Local Government, whose role is to approve or administer signage issues, and will be updated from time to time as policies are reviewed.

It incorporates revised Tourism Signing Guidelines introduced in January 2000 as part of an integrated approach to the dissemination of visitor information, including signage. For the first time, there is an opportunity to develop tourism signage across Tasmania in a consistent manner through the principal integrating mechanism of colour, utilising a set of principles and standards that minimise confusion and maximise effectiveness without compromise to the safety of road users.

The development of the signage under this approach focussed on three elements - guide signs, operator signs and administrative/legislative reform. The guide signs improvement program is progressively addressing key needs around the state; the operator signage program is likewise gradually being implemented; and improvements to the management of signage issues are being provided through the ongoing development of this manual along with recent and future legislative reform.

Questions concerning the content of this Manual should in the first instance be addressed to the Network Planning Branch, Department of State Growth (phone 03 6166 4467).