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A new learner logbook will be available from Service Tasmania shops from December. The new logbook has a separate section on page 43 to record credit hours.

  • Recording two-for-one credit hours obtained from completing a driving lesson with a professional driving instructor.
  • Recording your participation in the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) program (only valid for L1 licence holders and new learners who participate in a 2020 course onwards).

The new logbook also includes columns for recording and tracking night time driving.

If you already have an L1/L2 logbook you are not required to use the new learner logbook.

If you are still on your L1 licence as of 1 December, please start recording your supervised hours in the L2 logbook (if you have not already done so) so that your supervised driver can complete the entry.

Examples of how you can record credit hours and night minutes are provided below.

These examples are guides, you are not required to record your hours exactly as they are shown. It is your responsibility as the owner of the logbook to clearly show you have completed the required hours, however you choose to record them.

Recording night minutes/hours

Night includes any time from sunset one day to sunrise the following day. You can record night minutes by:

  • putting ‘night’ or an ‘N’ next to any supervised driving sessions you record at night OR
  • ruling a line in the minutes column if you undertake a session that goes across day and night and mark the left side of this ‘D’ for your day minutes and the right ‘N’ for the night minutes OR
  • ruling additional lines in the tracking your driving section to split the minutes and total columns into day and night.

Click here to see an example of recording night time hours

Credit hours

When recording credit lessons you should record the total minutes inclusive of the credit. For example, if you have attended one 60 minute lesson with a professional driving instructor, you will have 60 minutes of on-road experience plus 60 minutes as credit, totalling 120 minutes.

Credit hours for night hours can be applied if professional driving lessons are taken during night hours. Night includes any time from sunset one day to sunrise the following day.

Your credit hours can recorded in either of the following ways:

  • using your L1/L2 logbook to mark off a section of the logbook as “credit hours” and/or note “credit lesson” in the margin next to the row that the lesson is recorded, or
  • printing the credit hours page from the new learner logbook, which will be available on the Plates Plus website from 1 December.

If you are using the L1/L2 logbook to record credit hours you should also put the total number of lessons and minutes into the tracking your driving section.

Click here to see an example of recording credit hours

If you have completed more than the 10 lesson/20 hours credit limit

If you have had a total of 10 lessons/20 hours credit applied to your logbook by learning with a professional driving instructor, you cannot claim more credit hours.

If you wish to continue to use professional driving instructor you can only record these lessons as normal hours in the regular logbook section. These lessons cannot be counted as two-for-one credit hours.

RYDA credit hours

You may not have your learner licence or a learner logbook when you attend a Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) course. If this is the case you should keep track of the details below by putting them in your phone, school diary or some sort of reminder until you have obtain a learner logbook when you get your learner licence.

If you have an L1/L2 logbook you can record your RYDA participation by entering the required details into a row in the tracking your driving section of your logbook.

The details you are required to record for your RYDA course are:

  • the date you attended
  • your school
  • the location of the RYDA event.

Click here to see an example of recording RYDA credit hours

To be completed by Authorised P1 Driving Assessors

Authorised P1 Driving Assessors to complete (P1 DAs) who provide instruction during your learner stage are required to complete pages 66-67 of the new learner logbook if all two-for-one credit hours have been taken.

P1 DAs will know what to do so you will not need to worry about knowing when this needs to be completed or not.

This section should be left blank if no instruction is being provided by a P1 DA.

If you have an L1/L2 logbook you do not need to do anything.