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1Northern Integrated Transport Plan

The Northern Integrated Transport Plan 2013 is a collaborative initiative of the Tasmanian Government and Northern Tasmanian Development (NTD), including the eight member councils.

It provides a strategic framework to address transport issues in the Northern Region over the next twenty years. It focuses on the future of the Northern Region and its challenges and opportunities.

2Southern Integrated Transport Plan

The Southern Integrated Transport Plan is a collaborative initiative between the Tasmanian Government, Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority, and twelve member councils.

It is a coordinated and strategic framework to recognise and address transport issues in the Southern Region over the next twenty years.

3Cradle Coast Integrated Transport Strategy

The Cradle Coast Integrated Transport Strategy was developed under the Cradle Coast Partnership Agreement. It was informed by wide community and stakeholder consultation. It provides a coordinated and strategic framework to address Regional transport issues over the next 20 years.

4Brooker Highway Transport Plan

The Brooker Highway Transport Plan sets a shared vision for the future of the Brooker Highway. It describes objectives and principles for future investment in the highway for the short, medium and long term, to make sure the highway caters for current and future transport needs.

5Richmond Bridge Conservation Management Plan

A Conservation Management Plan (currently under review) has been prepared for the Richmond Bridge. The Plan considers the bridge’s various values and recommends ways to manage the bridge in the future.

6Huon Highway Corridor Road Strategy

The Huon Highway Corridor Road Strategy was developed in 2012. It’s a 30 year strategy for the Huon Highway based on current and future business and community needs.

7Channel Highway Margate-Oyster Cove Reference Group

This document is the final report of the Channel Highway (Margate-Oyster Cove) Reference Group. The Reference Group was established for a joint State and Local Government investigation of the current and future needs of this section of the Channel Highway.

8State Road and Bridge Emergency Management Plan

This plan describes the roles and responsibilities, governance and coordination arrangements for emergency management across the four areas of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery in the State Roads Division of the Department of State Growth.

State Road and Bridge Emergency Management Plan

9Strategic Asset Management Plan

The Strategic Asset Management Plan sets directions and establishes what we should be doing to better manage our road and bridge assets. It identifies management activities to make sure road and bridge assets are functional and provide the Tasmanian community with a safe, efficient and sustainable road network.