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This will see the Government take over management of Wellington and Bathurst Streets between Midland Highway and Lower Charles Street including the Charles Street Bridge, and the sections of York and Brisbane Streets from West Tamar Highway (Margaret Street) to Wellington Street.

These key roads carry the highest traffic volumes within Launceston, and provide a strategic link between the arterial routes of the Midland, East and West Tamar Highways which are already part of the State road network.

Transferring these roads to the State road network will bring the management of Launceston’s main arterial roads under a single authority, and streamline decision-making and maintenance.

The Government and Launceston City Council also agreed that management of a number of rural roads would also be exchanged. The Government will assume management of Prossers Road between Lilydale Road and Patersonia Road. Launceston City Council take on the control of John Lees Drive, as well as Lilydale Road, from Prossers Road to Lilydale.

Summary of roads to be transferred

City of Launceston roads to be transferred to the State road network:

  • Bathurst and Wellington Streets from Midland Highway to Lower Charles Street (East Tamar Highway)
  • Brisbane and York Streets from West Tamar Highway (Margaret Street) to Wellington Street
  • Lower Charles Street from Williams Street to Charles Street Bridge, and Charles Street Bridge.
  • Prossers Road from Pattersonia Road junction to Lilydale Main Road.

Roads to be transferred from the State road network to City of Launceston:

  • John Lees Drive (old East Tamar Highway), Dilston
  • Lilydale Road from Prossers Road to Lilydale.

Effecting the transfer of roads between the State Government and Launceston City Council

To enable inner-city road transfers to proceed efficiently, amendments to the Roads and Jetties Act 1935 were passed by Parliament in September 2019.

The transfers will come into effect through a series of Proclamations. All transfers should be completed by mid-2022.

Parking meter arrangements currently in place will not be affected by the transfer, and the Launceston City Council will remain responsible for the day-to-day management of parking controls, including enforcement activities and retention of revenue, footpaths and other existing Council services.