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These processes are detailed below.

1Step 1. Project commencement

At the commencement of a project, the approval instrument is sent to councils.

2Step 2. Confirmation of milestones

At the commencement of a new project, it is important for council to review the milestone schedule drafted by the Australian Government and make any necessary changes to bring forward and/or push out milestone payments to suit the construction schedule.

3Step 3. Grant deed drafted

  • Council will be sent a draft copy of the request for deed for review. They must notify the Department of State Growth when they are happy with the draft deed.
  • The final copy of the grant deed will be posted back to council for final approval. Once approved, the deed must be signed by a local council delegated authority and returned to the Department of State Growth via post.
  • The Department of State Growth will file a copy of final deed and post a hard copy back to local council.

4Step 4. Reporting throughout project

Local Councils undertaking road and/or bridge projects, funded wholly or partially by the Australian Government are required to complete monthly progress reports in order to receive funding based on the project’s milestone schedule.

The monthly reports are submitted to the Australian Government and are to be completed throughout the life of the project, in accordance with the monthly report schedule.

The Monthly Progress Report is required by the State Roads Programming Team no later than the eighth (8th) day of each month.  It is important that this information is provided to the State Roads Programming Team in a timely manner to ensure no delay in the payment of milestones.

It is equally important that when receiving a milestone, relevant milestone documentation and evidence is provided, along with an invoice for the payment.

The State Roads Programming Team forward the compiled monthly progress report to the Australian Government, in order for the milestone payment to be received.

An email will be sent to councils at the beginning of each month requesting the information needed to complete the Monthly progress report. The following project status report and an excel extract will be attached and are required to be completed every month.

Please see example project status report:

In a month that a council project has a milestone, it is important that the milestone condition has been met by the last day of the previous month, and supporting milestone evidence has been provided to the Department of State Growth in time for the Monthly Progress Report as above.

Please see example milestone evidence:

Please note – failure to comply with the reporting requirements and the special terms and conditions outlined in the grant deed, may result in your milestone payment being withheld.

Change to project milestone

In order to determine whether a change to project milestones is necessary, it is important for councils to be aware of project progress two months prior to any upcoming milestones.

If changes to milestone payments are required:

  1. Complete the request for milestone change form  (DOCX, 295.47 KB) and
  2. Email the Department of State Growth on

5Step 5. Post completion report and reconciliation

The two final milestones of a project are post completion and the post completion report.

To meet the conditions of the post completion milestone, a post completion certificate, signed by the contractor must be provided as evidence to be submitted with the monthly progress report.

To meet the conditions of the post completion report milestone, councils must complete the below post completion report and return to