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1Project Management Specifications

PM1 General Provisions (PDF) Date: August 2020

PM2 Project Management Plan (PDF) Date: August 2020

PM3 Risk Management (Under Review)

PM4 Permits (PDF) Date: August 2020

2Planning Specifications

PP1 Planning (PDF) Date: August 2020

PP2 Master Planning for Design (Under Review)

PP3 Planning Report Guidelines (Under Review)

3Design Specifications

D1 Road Design (PDF) Date: August 2020

S2 Design (Structures) (PDF) Date: August 2020

D3 Design Review Guidelines (Under Review)

4Technical Specifications

T1 Structural Assessment and Design (PDF) Date: December 2020

T3 Roads Design Standards (PDF) (INTERIM UPDATE) Date: September 2020

T4 Planning and Design Survey (PDF) (INTERIM UPDATE) Date : September 2020

T5 Environment Investigations & Reporting (PDF) Date: July 2012

T6 Geotechnical and Site Investigations & Reporting (PDF) Date: November 2021

T8 Drainage Design Standards (PDF) Date: August 2020

T9 Lighting (PDF) Date: August 2020

T10 Traffic Signs and Pavement Marking (PDF) Date: August 2020

T12 Landscaping (PDF) Date: August 2020

T13 CADD Manual (PDF) Date: July 2012

T13 Support Files  - Contents (PDF 101KB). Date: March 2021

T13 Support Files (Zip folder 21 MB). Date: March 2021

T14 Public Utilities (PDF) Date: August 2020