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Materials Registration Process

The Department of State Growth has adopted the Victorian VicRoads registration process for quarries supplying materials to be used on Tasmanian Road and Bridge construction contracts.

All materials supplied for use in the construction of roads and bridges must be sourced from a quarry accredited by VicRoads and the relevant material mix design registered with the Department of State Growth including:

  • Crushed Rock Mix Designs
  • Bituminous Mix Designs, and
  • Concrete Mix Designs

The Department of State Growth Materials Registration process commences with the quarry accreditation process administered by VicRoads (see figure 1) with the subsequent assessment and approval of crushed rock, bituminous and concrete mix designs to be undertaken by VicRoads for the Department.

Figure 1: Quarry Registration Administered by VicRoads

Submissions seeking approval of crushed rock, bituminous and concrete mix designs will only be accepted for use on Department of State Growth projects where the nominated material is produced from sources that have successfully obtained approval from VicRoads as an Accredited Source in Tasmania.

Mix Design Requirements and Application Forms

The following schedule lists (and links to the web) reference documents which detail the requirements to be met with each of the respective crushed rock, asphalt and concrete mix designs.


Crushed Rock Mix Design

Asphalt Mix Design

Concrete Mix Design


Specification 812

Specification 407

Specification 610

Code of Practice

VicRoads RC 500.02

VicRoads RC 500.01


Application for Registration

Registration Form

Registration Form

Contract Specific

Applications for the registration of crushed rock and bituminous mix designs must be submitted on the respective application forms and emailed to the following VicRoads addresses:

Crushed Rock: 


Applications for concrete mix designs are to be submitted to the Department’s Superintendent administering the works contract.

Applications must contain all the appropriate documented evidence of the completed testing as identified in the relevant specifications and code of practice documents.

The following information in the subject content of emails is required to assist identification “<company> <quarry / concrete plant / asphalt plant location> <products for registration>”.